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Grounding & Centering Strategies

Therapeutic Exercises

A deeply calming

relaxation technique

Align the three dimensions of your energy field

Manage overwhelming feelings

Increase feelings

of well-being

Please note: These strategies, techniques, and other materials may help to increase feelings of relaxation, balance your energy field, aid with grounding, and help you to feel better.  However, they are not to be used as a medical intervention and are not intended to replace consultation with a registered health professional. They are included here as an educational resource and are to be used only as general information.  These strategies are not a substitute for a medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.  Use of these techniques on your own without direct consultation with Dr. Sandeep Hunjan does not constitute entry into a therapeutic relationship, and she strongly advises you to seek the appropriate professional advice prior to making any health-related decisions.

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Helpful Links
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